Make Up Games

Make up games due to rain out or any other reason should be made up as quickly as possible. To make up games through the week, please reserve a court using the instructions below. Games can also be made up on weekends, however, please be aware that the courts are open to the public on weekends and are available on a first come first server basis.

Courts are "normally" available on the following nights per the table below:

Night Courts Normally Available By Schedule
Monday 2
Tuesday 1
Wednesday 0
Thursday 1
Friday 2


Many games have already been rained out and we expect more. To reserve a court, click here to send a request to Mike Nelson using the contact form. Select Mike Nelson - Webmaster from the "Send to Who?" dropdown.

The following table shows courts that have already been reserved:

Date Court Team A Team B
Monday August 27 7 Mission Imbocceball  Seal Team 6
Monday August 27 8 Pazzi Pallinos Bocce Baci



Bocce Ball Court